"The ShootNShake is the easiest way for my 8-year old to make her own lemonade. She doesn't make a mess and it's super fast!"

- Erin H.
Mother of 2 children
"What a unique product! Now I don't have to yell at my husband for making such a big mess everywhere!"

- Jen H.
Wife of a Marathon Runner
"Fortunately, I was able to try out this amazing product for free due to the fact that I am good friends with The Houser Family... This product, as simple as it may seem, is revolutionary, innovative, unique, fail and fool-proof, thereby making it perfect!! It saves time and the mess of having powder all over the table or floor... Seriously, this is a must for all companies and individuals who value their health and want to take the intelligent approach to mixing their shakes and supplements. Again, when you see it for the 1st time, it's one of those inventions that you say damn, why hasn't anyone else thought of that before now...or man, I wish I would've thought of that! Truly amazing, truly award-winning, and truly a necessity for all supplement companies moving forward in the health and fitness industry!"

- Andrew Mitchell
Champion Fitness Instructor
Las Vegas, NV
"It's so convenient and easy, whether I'm cycling, motor-crossing, or whatever, I mean I can mix up my electro-lite mix, my recover mix. I mean it's so much more convenient then making those paper funnels. They're so messy. It's by far the best, most efficient way to mix my drink. It's definitely made my life a whole lot easier. "

- Eric Stump
AMA Pro Supersport Racer
Mid-Ohio Raceway
"The ShootNShake helps out alot. It makes things quick and easy. I don't have to clean up after myself. I can use a 20 oz water bottle, Stick it In, Shoot it in, and Shake it up."

- Ray "The Reaper" Yanez
MMA Pro Fighter
Mansfield, OH
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